Building a communication infrastructure can be difficult, and we understand that. We have been in the communication business for several years, and we have a team of professionals that are dedicated to being the best in their chosen fields.

Once you have a great communication network set up, you will need to make sure products can easily be integrated with any solution. We are well positioned to assist enterprise users to successfully navigate the gradual transition from legacy access networks to next generation access infrastructure.

Figaro Communication Services solutions include: Media Gateways, Multi-Service Access Gateways, IP Phones, and Value Added Applications, that can fit into IP Telephony and Unified Communications networks. By supporting industry standard protocols such as SIP, and interoperating with all industry leading PBXs and IP-PBXs, our products can easily be integrated into any solution, offering reduced cost of ownership, enhanced features and superior voice quality.

Solutions provided by Figaro Communication Services include a range of voice & data network products which provide fully secured voice and data access solutions:
- Voice & Data Convergence
- IP Telephony Infrastructure
- SIP Solutions
- Certified Gateways
- Telephony Applications Infrastructure
- High-Definition VoIP (HD VoIP)
- SIP Trunking
- IP Telephony Survivable Network
- PBX VoIP Networking
- and more...

We can help you with all aspects of your IP-based solution. Our team of consultants, engineers, technicians and researchers are all eager to turn their expertise into your success.
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