Building a communication infrastructure can be difficult, and we understand that. We have been in the communication business for several years, and we have a team of professionals that are dedicated to being the best in their chosen fields.

Once you have a great communication network set up, you will need to make sure products can easily be integrated with any solution. We are well positioned to assist enterprise users to successfully navigate the gradual transition from legacy access networks to next generation access infrastructure.

With an increasing number of vendors offering IP-based solutions to their customers, Figaro Communication Services field-proven enabling technology products can easily be integrated with any solution, offering reduced cost of ownership, enhanced features and superior HD voice quality.

We are a market leader with years of experience, focused on VoIP network products and technology. During this time, Figaro Communication Services has deployed media gateway and media server channels for over 50 customers. We focus on voice quality and best-of-breed VoIP network elements with a proven track record in product and network interoperability.
We will work with you through every step of your chosen IP-based solution, to ensure you migrate smoothly and rapidly to a new voice infrastructure.
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